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Indivisible Charleston seeks to mobilize citizens in the Tri-County area to participate in the democratic process, to promote systemic equity and justice, and facilitate civil discourse in the political arena.
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Calls to Action - Week of November 13, 2017

Monday 11/13

Indivisible Charleston is partnering with an organization called Herd on the Hill. They will be making a visit to the DC offices of Senators Graham and Scott on Wednesday Nov. 15. This week the focus is still on the #TrumpTaxScam as well as DACA. Herd on the Hill will hand deliver them your messages about the Trump Tax Scam. To get a message to DC for hand-delivery (and discussion with staffers), go to StampsLicked and tell your senators that they should vote against the Trump Tax Plan because it will only help the rich and will hurt your family and the poor. I mean really - getting rid of the state and local tax exemptions? Cutting Medicaid and Medicare to pay for it? Ugh! Give them hell! Tweet, Facebook, Call, or use ResistBot, too. Text RESIST to 50409 and turn your text into a fax for your MoC and the now the President, too!


Tuesday 11/14

12 - 1 PM

Resist Trump Tuesday Rally: Tax reform, NO thank you! We will gather outside of Senator Tim Scott’s office in North Charleston to say NO to the great shift in tax burden from the rich and corporations who already don’t pay their taxes to the rest of us. Reform is supposed to be something better, not something to hurt you more. Join us in reminded our elected officials that despite what they may think, they work for their constituents not their big money donors. Please see the event page for more information.


Wednesday 11/15

There are 7,060 DACA recipients in South Carolina alone, and each year they contribute $11,768,000 in State and local taxes. It’s up to your members in Congress to stand up to Trump’s hateful decision and secure the futures of all DREAMers with a legislative fix: The DREAM Act. There is bipartisan support for the DREAM Act in both the Senate and House. And the bill enjoys massive support from the American public. Now that Donald Trump has yanked protection away from immigrant youth, it is now up to Congress to take action. Call you MoCs and demand they take action! For more information visit this page.


 Thursday 11/16

Republicans in both the House and Senate are marking up their “tax reform” bill. Calling it “tax reform” suggests they intend to close corporate loopholes or address the growing wealth inequality that the current tax code fuels. This plan isn’t “tax reform.” Its tax cuts for the wealthy. The #TrumpTaxScam is not good for any of us in the lower 99% of the income brackets. The poor and middle class would get comparatively little. And the whole thing would leave a $2.4 trillion hole in federal revenue in the first decade. Tell your MoCs that this Tax Scam is unacceptable! Visit www.trumptaxscam.org for more resources to help you understand the #TrumpTaxScam. Tweet, Facebook, Call, or use ResistBot. Text RESIST to 50409 and turn your text into a fax for your MoC and the now the President, too!


Friday 11/17

MOCs and local legislators care enormously about local media. They publish op-eds throughout the year in newspapers in their districts to shape the local narrative about certain topics. When constituents get op-eds published, you claim some of that power back by challenging their versions of events. Send in an op-ed to your favorite publication today! For more tips on content that will get your MOC’s attention, see our training resource here.


Saturday 11/18

12 - 2 PM

Blue Jamboree 2017 This great event features Democratic speakers from across SC and the nation and is a chance for the Charleston County Democratic Party to highlight their candidates. This year speakers include: James Smith - candidate for Governor; Phil Noble - candidate for Governor; Marvin Pendarvis; Sen. Margie Bright-Matthews; Trav Robertson - Chairman of South Carolina Democratic Party; and Joe Cunningham - candidate for CD1. For more information please the event page for more details.


Sunday 11/19

*Take it easy so you can persist and resist!* #SelfCareSunday #Unplug

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Mount Pleasant Office

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