Calls to Action - Week of February 5, 2018

Monday 2/5

Indivisible Charleston is partnering with an organization called Herd on the Hill. They will be making a visit to the DC offices of Senators Graham and Scott every week, giving them messages demanding they make a public comment that the memo is a see-through political stunt to hurt the Mueller investigation and shield Trump from accountability. Demand your MoC protect the Mueller investigation. Herd on the Hill will hand deliver to them your messages. To get a message to DC for hand-delivery (and discussion with staffers), go to and type your message so Herd on the Hill can deliver them to your MoC. Demand a clean DREAM Act! Tweet, Facebook, Call, or use ResistBot, too. Text RESIST to 50409 and turn your text into a fax to MoCs!

Tuesday 2/6

Save our DREAMers! So far, 17,036 DREAMers have lost their DACA protection and now are at risk of being torn from their families and the only place they call home. While Congress wastes their time, 122 DREAMers are deported every day. If Congress doesn’t pass a DREAM Act by March 5 of this year 800,000 DREAMers will lose their DACA status and be subject to deportation. In South Carolina, there are 7,060 DACA recipients, and each year they contribute $11,768,000 in State and local taxes. The Center for American Progress reported that terminating DACA could result in the loss of nearly $460 billion over the next decade and the loss of 685,000 jobs. We must keep the pressure on the GOP & pass a Dream Act Now.

Wednesday 2/7

Without question, the most vulnerable group in Trump’s America is immigrants. Since Trump terminated DACA, over 16,000 Dreamers are estimated to have already lost their protections, and nearly 1,000 more will lose DACA each week and become vulnerable to Trump’s deportation force. Continue to demand that Congress pass the DREAM Act now. Every day that goes by 122 DREAMers are deported. There are 7,060 DACA recipients in South Carolina alone, and each year they contribute $11,768,000 in State and local taxes. It’s up to your members in Congress to stand up to Trump’s hateful decision and secure the futures of all DREAMers with a legislative fix: The DREAM Act. Tell your MoCs to get on this! Tweet, Facebook, Call, or use ResistBot. Text RESIST to 50409 and turn your text into a fax for your MoC!

 Thursday 2/8

Today brings the threat of another shutdown. The first Trump shutdown was about racism and white supremacy. The truth is that the Trump administration is systematically trying to change the makeup of our country in order to preserve whiteness and eliminate people of color. He made that clear when he rejected the bipartisan Dreamer deal because it did not prevent immigrants from “shithole” countries from coming to the U.S. Tell your MoCs that you support another shutdown if there is no protection for DREAMers now.


Friday 2/9

In order to fund his deportation machine, Trump’s budget slashes funding for critical programs in almost every corner of the federal budget. It slashes funding for public education, infrastructure, life-saving medical research, Food Stamps, Medicaid, the Child Tax Credit, Social Security, and more. But there is one part of this shameful budget that calls for a splurge—mass deportation. Trump’s budget uses billions of your tax dollars to rip families apart while making cuts to vital investments in families and communities to pay for an anti-immigrant campaign designed to spread fear and tear apart communities. Trump’s budget proposal is non-binding. Demand your MoCs do not support this budget! Tell them that their constituents refuse to have their tax dollars used to fund hate. Tell them protect funding for critical programs and to not fund the Trump deportation machine.

Saturday 2/10

8:30 – 12:30

Volunteers are needed at Sweetgrass Garden Co-op, a 501 (c) 3 Not-for-Profit Corporation, that provides free, fresh, naturally grown, local produce to charitable food distribution agencies in South Carolina and to support that effort by growing a portion of the produce for income to sustain the enterprise. They cultivate a variety of fruits and vegetables, using sustainable methods and good agricultural practices, as they educate the public about farming, composting, and distributing food to people in need and the organizations that serve them. Call (843) 270-0889 for more information.

Sunday 2/11

*Take it easy so you can persist and resist!* #SelfCareSunday #Unplug