Presidential primary election: February 29, 2020

SC Primaries FAQ

When does early voting start?

Early voting starts the day after registration closes, on May 14th. You can vote in-person at your local absentee voting location, or request a mail-in ballot here. Read more about absentee voting in SC here

Which ballot can I choose?

You can choose either a Democrat or Republican ballot. When you walk into your polling location, they will ask you which one you would prefer, and you can choose only one. It does not matter which primary or primaries you have voted in in past years.

Can I choose more than one ballot?

No, just one party's ballot per election cycle. 

What if there's a runoff?

If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, then a runoff election will occur. If there is a runoff election in the same party where you cast your initial primary ballot, then you can vote in that party's runoff election. If you did not cast your initial ballot in that party's primary election, then you cannot vote in that party's runoff election.